1. Departmental Activities :

The Kakinada District covered 18 Nos. of Canals, 5 Nos. of Major drains, 10 Nos. of Medium drains and 14 Nos. of Minor drains in which contribute to the major chunk of the surface waters.  The ayacut area of the Kakinada District is about 2,17,865 acres is covered in Kakinada and Peddapuram Revenue Divisions covered under Godavari Delta System (Major), Yeleru Reservoir Project (Major), Pampa Reservoir Project (Medium), Maddigedda Reservoir Project (Medium), Subbareddy Sagar Project (Medium) and Minor Irrigation Tanks.  The Water Resources Department caters to the Irrigation, Drinking and Industrial needs of the District and thus addresses one of the basic needs of the mankind, i.e., food, by providing water to the crops through its system comprising Reservoirs, Canals and other related infrastructure.  Now the Water Resources Department has set the following Goals:

  • Drought proofing and Providing Water Security to all stakeholders (drinking, irrigation and industry)
  • Providing sufficient water to all available cultivable land.
  • Improve economic status and happiness index of the farmer by improving water use efficiency and crop yields, by providing the right amount of water to the right farm at the right time
  • Completion of all irrigation works on a priority basis in a time bound manner
  • Cascade development to optimize run-off capture within the basins
  • Long-term sustainable double digit growth
  1. Brief notes on State Govt. schemes implemented:

 (a) APIIATP Progremme (Word Bank Funds) :

        (b) Yeleru Thandava Link Canal Project:

  1. Scheme-wise Progress (along with target and achievements) of the above schemes:

(a) APIIATP Progremme (Word Bank Funds) :

The Government has accorded administrative approval under APIIATP (Phase-II)  Programme in the jurisdiction of Kakinada District for 8 Nos. of Works to tune of Rs. 41.65 Lakhs vide G.O.Ms No. 45 Water Resources ( MIG) Department, Dated : 07.08.2017. Out of which 1 work in under progress balance not started.

The Government has accorded administrative approval under APIIATP (Phase-III) Progremme in the jurisdiction of Kakinada District for 4 Nos. of Works to tune of Rs. 352.13 Lakhs vide Commissioner CADA, Vijayawada Proceedings No. Com/CAD/APIIATP/DEE-T/AA/EGD, Dt.19.02.2019. Tenders were called for two times but no response was received from the agencies.

 (b) Yeleru Thandava Link Canal Project:

Yeleru Thandava Link Canal Project was accorded administrative approval by the Government vide G.O.Rt. No. 93, Dt.19.03.2021 for Rs.470.05 Crores.  Tenders were called for and letter of acceptance was issued to M/s KMV Projects, Hyderabad.  The agreement was concluded with the agency and work is to be started.

     4.  Contact details (mobile, e-mail, website)

Executive Engineer, Drainage Division, Kakinada Cell No: 9491058007,

e-mail : eedrains[at]gmail[dot]com

Executive Engineer, Y.I. Division, Peddapuram Cell No: 9440903430,

e-mail : yidivisionpdp[at]gmail[dot]com

Executive Engineer, Y.R.C. Division, Yeleswaram Cell No:9440908127

e-mail : ee[dot]yrc[dot]ylsm[at]gmail[dot]com

  1. Success story of the department or any highlighted item, along with photos if available:

Sir Arthur Cotton Barrage:- Actually designed for serving for Khariff season crops only even though it is also serving the Rabi season crops also by effecting water management through supplementation from the Sileru water.

Yeleru Reservoir Project:– Serving the ayacut of 53,017 acres for both Khariff and Rabi seasons and supplying the Industrial & Drinking water to Visakhapatnam City.

  1. Specific GOs / Court orders / Acts/Policies and others, if any, pertaining to department:

  2. Water regulation for Khariff and Rabi crops.
  3. Kanchi Ramanna Pantulu Dairy for Varabandi for Y.I. System.
  4. Tourism – Boat plying approvals etc. along with Tourism Department Resorts etc.
  5. Industrial water supply.
  6. MOU with APIIC, Single Desk Policy, Nodal Agency.
  7. Drinking water supply RWS & PH Departments filling of SS tanks.
  8. Permissions for laying of pipelines.
  9. Land leases – Leasing of Lanka Lands.
  10. Fishing rights in Reservoirs.