Departmental Activities :

The Organization is concerned with Handlooms & Power looms in the Co-operative Sector and Private Sector.

The Assistant Director, Handlooms & Textiles is placed In-charge of the district to discharge all administrative and statutory functions relating to Handloom Industry.

He is responsible for implementation of developmental schemes under plan and non-plan, supervision over the working of the Weavers Co-operatives, Power loom Societies, garment manufacturing units and SSI units etc.

No. of Societies in the Area 15

Brief notes on State Govt. schemes implemented:

  • Nethenna Nestham
  • 30% Rebate Scheme
  • Thrift Fund Scheme
  • 40% Yarn Subsidy Scheme
  • YSR Pension Kanuka.

Scheme-wise Progress (along with target and achievements) of the above schemes:

  • Nethenna Nestham Scheme 2225 beneficiaries sanctioned for the year 2021-22
  • YSR Penssion Kanuka @ 50 Years Total 3420 @ Rs. 2250.00 PM
  • Marketing Incentive

Contact details (mobile, e-mail, website)

Mobile No. 8008705696, e mail id ad_handlooms_egdt_kkd[at]yahoo[dot]com