Culture & Heritage

Culture has always been a major object of travel. Culture plays an important role in tourism. Cultural heritage tourism is the fastest growing segment of the tourism industry because there is a trend towards an increase in the specialization among tourists towards Culture.


Kakinada beach which was later named as the NTR beach is a good destination for beach lovers. The event is expected to see a large number of tourists. The centre of attraction during the four day event will be the actors and guests from Telugu Film Industry. The horticulture from Kadiyam adds more color to the festival. The water sports that are organized with the support of aqua sector and Goa state administration is a special attraction.






Not much known to people is Pandava Metta, a hillock nearer to Peddapuram, a small town in this district. This hillock tells us about the exile period of Pandavas. On their way to Rameswaram, they stayed in Peddapuram on a hill. That’s the reason this hill was named after their name.