Departmental Activities :

Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Department is the nodal agency in the State for providing drinking water and sanitation facilities in rural areas. The drinking water facilities are being provided by various types of schemes such as bore wells with hand pumps/single phase motors, direct pumping schemes, MPWS Schemes, PWS Schemes and CPWS Schemes.

No of PWS Schemes


No of MPWS Schemes


No of CPWS Schemes


No of Hand pumps


Brief notes on State Govt. schemes implemented:

  • Jal Jeevan Mission (50% State Share and 50% Central Share)
  • PMAY (Jagananna Colonies)
  • 15th Finance
  • CMDF

Scheme-wise Progress (along with target and achievements) of the above schemes:

  • At present the following spill over works are taken up during the year 2021-22.
  • Under JJM Grant, 366 works with an estimated cost of Rs.15623.33 Lakhs for Retrofitting, out of which 25 works were completed, 220 works are in progress and 121 works are to be started. 135 works with an estimated cost of Rs.4888.94 Lakhs for Augmentation, the works are in tender stage.
  • Under PMAGY Grant, 25 works with an estimated cost of Rs.159.30 Lakhs, out of which 6 works were completed, 1 work is in progress and remaining 18 works are to be started.
  • Under PMAY Grant, 272 Layouts water supply for construction purpose of Jagananna Colonies (Peedalandariki Illu) works sanctioned with an estimated cost of Rs.1258.49 Lakhs, out of which 199 Layout works completed, 46 Layout works are in progress and 27 Layout works are to be started after completion of site leveling.
  • Under 15th Finance Grant, the works of Operation and Maintenance of 16 Nos. of CPWS Schemes taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.1389.00 Lakhs and the works are in progress.
  • Under CMDF Grant, 76 spill over works are taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.412.90 Lakhs, out of which 55 works were completed, 1 Work is in progress, 1 Work is to be started and 19 works were cancelled due to covered under other grants.

Contact details (mobile, e-mail, website):

        Executive Engineer, RWS & S, Kakinada, Contact No.9100121101,        Email : eerwskkd[at]ap[dot]gov[dot]in

Success story of the department or any highlighted item, along with photos if available: 

  • Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan (NBA) previously called Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) is a Community-led total sanitation program initiated by Government of India in 1999. It is a demand-driven and people-centered sanitation program. The concept of sanitation was earlier limited to disposal of human excreta by cesspools, open ditches, pit latrines, bucket system etc. Today it connotes a comprehensive concept, which includes liquid and solid waste disposal, food hygiene, and personal, domestic as well as environmental hygiene. NBA started functioning with a goal of achieving 100 percent sanitation coverage all over the village in Ragampeta, PeddapuramMandal of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh by the end of 2009 for improving the quality of life of the people and to provide privacy and dignity to women.
  • Water Supply: In this village 3 GLSR ( Ground level service reservoiur and 3 OHSR (overhead service reserviors with the capacity of 90,40,60 KLs are available to supply the protected water to the HH through the public tap (52) and Private taps (531)
  • Liquid waste Management: In G Ragampeta present population produced 170 K liters of grey water per day. Total grey water is flows through the drain, connecting all HHs by pakka drains and the total length of this drain is 9.5 kms and the village is proposed to construct the community soak pits at the tail end of the drain to improve ground water level. 9 soak pits also constructed to the Hs which were identified no drainage facility.


Specific GOs / Court orders / Acts / Policies and others, if any, pertaining to department:

  1. GO MS NO-2290 – O & M Protocol
  2. Ms. No. 195 – Entrustment procudure for PR and RWS
  3. O.MS.NO.8 – Entrustment and Contract Management of works Execution
  4. Jal Jeevan Mission guidelines
  5. O.MS.No.234, Dt.11-12-2018 of PR & RD, (RWS&S-I) – Powers of technical sanction and entrustment of works

District Level Lab    – 1  @ Kakinada

  • Sub-divisional level lab at Prathipadu,

In addition to the above said labs,  new separate lab (upgradation) is being established at  Kakinada for testing of toxic heavy metals & Pesticide Residues in drinking water through the following tests.

  1. ICP-MS – Induction Coupled Plasma & Mass spectroscopy – For testing of toxic heavy metals
  1. GC- MS – Gas Chromatography – Mass spectroscopy- For testing of pesticide residues

Drinking water project in coastal Area:

Drinking water project in coastal areas sanctioned with an estimate cost of Rs.1650.00 Lakhs to cover the eastern delta 16 mandal and central delta 16 mandals with Godavari water as source at Dowleswaram.

Central Delta trunk –  Rs 434.18 cr

Eastren Delta trunk –  Rs 391.43 cr

Kakinada and Karapa mandals with 66 habitations to be covered with an estimate cost of Rs 56.34 cr under this project.