For administrative convenience the Cooperation Dapartment in the existing East Godavari District, is divided into 4 Divisions i.e., Kakinada, Peddapuram, Rajamahendravaram and Amalapuram. And further the four Divisions are divided into 13 Sub-Divisions i.e., Kakinada, Pithapuram, Peddapuram, Prathipadu, Tuni, Rajamahendravaram, Ramachandrapuram, Alamuru, Rampachodavaram, Amalapuram, Mummidivaram, Kothapeta and Razole.

Now the Government of Andhra Pradesh have taken up the re-organisation of the Districts in the State and the existing East Godavari district with 64 mandals has been proposed to be restructured as three districts i.e Kakinada, East Godavari and Konaseema districts with 63 mandals. 10 mandals i.e. Tallapudi, Gopalapuram, Dwaraka Tirumala, Nallajerla, Devarapalle, Kovvur, Chagallu, Nidadavole, Undrajavaram and Peravali mandals, from existing West Godavari district are merging to new East Godavari district and 11 mandals i.e. Rampachodavaram, Devipatnam, Y.Ramavaram, Addateegala, Gangavaram, Mardumilli, Fajavommangi, Yetapaka, Chintoor, Kunavaram and Vararamachandrapuram mandals, in Agency area are merging with new Alluri Sitharamaraju district.

Some mandals have inter-changed and as restructuring of Cooperative Sub-Divisions also shall be done on receiving guidelines from the Government and the Commissioner for Cooperation and Registrar of Coop. Societies in due course.

The new restructured district wise notes as called for by the Chief planning Officer, Kakinada for development of web portal for each new restructured district is enclosed herewith.

There are 609 societies registered under the Andhra Pradesh Coop. Societies Act, 1964 and 1793 under the Andhra Pradesh Mutually Aided Coop. Societies Act, 1995

Departmental Activities:

The Departmetnal Officers are supervising and monitoring the activities of all the Cooperative Societies in the District as per A.P.C.S.Act and Rules, 1964 & A.P.Mutually Aided Cooperative Societies Act, 1995.

The main activities of the Department:

  • Registration of Coop. Societies – U/s 6 & 8 of APCS Act, 1964.
  • Elections to Coop. Societies U/R 22 of APCS Rules, 1964.
  • Final Audit to all Cooperative Soceities – u/s 50 of APCS Act, 1964.
  • Statutory Inquiries – u/s 51 of APCS Act, 1964.
  • Statutory Inspections – u/s 52 of APCS Act, 1964.
  • Surcharge Inquiry – u/s 60 of APCS Act, 1964.
  • Arbitrations – u/s 61 of the APCS Act, 1964.
  • Recovery of dues – u/s 70, 71/ Rule 52 of the APCS Act, 1964.
  • Winding of Societies u/s 68 of APCS Act, 1964.
  • Registration of Mutually Aided Coop. Societies u/s 4 of the APMACS ACT, 1995.
  • Pursuation of filing of Annual returns by the MAC Societies u/s 34 of APMACS Act, 1995.

Contact details (mobile, e-mail, website)

District Coop. Officer, Kakinada – 91001 09168;