Departmental Activities: The Department of Information and Public Relations functions to achieve its objectives and goals through dissemination and transmission of Information, publicity and Public Relations. The Department operates its multi-media systems for effective   publicity and performs a signal service in acting as a bridge between the people and the government and creates awareness among all sections of the people on government policies, plans and programs intended for welfare and development.

Brief notes on State Govt. Schemes implemented: Schemes welfare of journalists viz., Media Accreditation, Journalists Health Insurance Scheme, Housing, Welfare of old age artists, Protection and promotion of Culture and heritage and other information services to public.

Scheme wise progress (along with target and achievement of the above Schemes):                                     

No targets fixed for above schemes, all are being implemented on saturation mode. For the biennial period 2021-2022 about 819 eligible journalists of various print and electronic media units were issued accreditation cards so far.

During the year 2021-22 about 90 journalists were covered under Journalist Health Insurance Scheme. About 530 old age artists are being paid pensions.

Contact Details (mobile, e-mail, website):

Sri B.Poornachandra Rao,

Deputy Director, I&PR, Kakinada –  Mobile:  9121215230                         

e-mail: dprokkd[at]gmail[dot]com                                 

 Success story of the department or any highlighted item, along with photos if available:

 The Department of Information & Public Relations is playing a vital role in propagation of the flag ship programs of the Govt . like  Navaratnalu, Nadu-Nedu, Pedalandari ki  Illu, etc.   Providing information services to public during Calamities, elections, VVIP visits, National and State functions, ongoing mega projects like Polavaram .  Conducting professional training to journalists with the help of Press Academy of AP to uphold the standards of journalism. Conducting of Press Tours, Press Conferences, Kala Jatas, Photo Expiations, publicity through social media and cinema halls.