The R&B Division, Kakinada having  a jurisdiction of 1150.000 Kms out of which 404.000 kms of State High ways,  746.000 Kms of Major District roads.

Departmental Activities :

  • The Roads & Buildings department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the Kakinada District Principal Road Network.
  • Responsible for construction of Bridges/Culverts/Causeways on Road Network.
  • Responsible for construction and Maintenance of Judicial Buildings.

Brief notes on State Govt. schemes implemented:

  • NDB Phase I – Gollapalem – Kuyyeru, Karapa to meet indrapalem and G.Vemavaram – Gorripudi road of above 24.00 Km is going to be developed from single land to double land with Rs.60.00 Crores
  • Three works (1) Permanent restoration to Divili – FK palem road Km 0/0 to 8/6 and (2) Improvement to  KNF road to Samalkota (via) Atchampeta Unduru Km 3/8 to 7/080 and (3) Improvements to Minor Birdge and culvets in Boyanapudi – Navara road KM 0/0 to 12/0 is developed under HUD-HUD program for a total length of 9.80 Kms and for an amount of Rs.20.10 Crores, now the works are  Completed
  • Reconstruction of 4 lane bridge at Km 2/10 of KANF road to Rameswaram via Madhavapatnam was taken up with an estimated cost of Rs.3.90 lakhs under corenet grant and the bridge was completed.
  • 6 Roads (Corenet Roads) are sanctioned under Periodical Maintenance Program for an amount of Rs. 22.13 Crores and  works are in progress
  • 20 roads for an amount of Rs.35.00 Cores with a total length of 157 Kms are sanctioned under Special Repairs Program and are in brisk progress.
  • 29 No of PHCs are renovated for a value of Rs.9.93 Crores and 2 PHCs are being constructed for a value of Rs.3.00 Crores in NAADU-NEDU scheme.
  • Construction of ROB in Lieu of LC No. 7 at Railway Km 11/19-20 of Samalkota – Kakinada section from Kakinada – Rajahmkundry road at ZP Junction to NH 214 at Bhanugudi in Kakinada city limits  in East Godavari District was taken up with an  administrative sanction for Rs.65.00 Crores vide G.O.Ms.No. 53, Transport, Roads & Builidngs (R-III) Department, dated 11.02.2009 and the ROB work is nearing completion

Judicial Buildings:

  • Construction of III Additional Judge court at Kakinada – Rs.6.75 Crores.
  • Construction of two floors over existing excise court at Kakinada – Rs.3.75 Crores.
  • Construction of residential quarters for Judicial Officers residing at Kakinada for Rs.8.47 Crores.
  • Construction of Buildings to accommodation the newly Established  Additional District and Session Court building at Pithapuram for Rs. 6.50 Crores


Contact details (mobile, e-mail, website):

Executive Engineer (R&B), R&B Division, Kakinada  – 9440818051

Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B), R&B East Subdivision, Kakinada – 9440818283

Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B), R&B East Subdivision, Kakinada – 9440818284

Deputy Executive Engineer (R&B), R&B Subdivision, Ramachandrapuram – 9440818285


Success story of the department or any highlighted item, along with photos if available:

ROBs at LC No. 9 & 11: Two ROBs were constructed are completed during the year 2010 in Kakinada city limits for free flow of traffic.